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Make up questions and interview two of your group-mates.

Have you ever been to a zoo? – Yes, I have/No, I haven’t

Activity 1st person 2nd person yes no yes no a) have seen a frog b) have flown in an airplane c) have found a wallet in the street d) have driven a car e) have been to a wedding f) have slept on the ground g) have spoken to a police officer h) have traveled by train i) have heard an elephant trumpet j) have broken a dish k) have worked on a farm l) have cleaned the inside of an oven m) have played a musical instrument n) have walked on a beach o) have hiked in the mountains p) have waited for a bus q) have painted a picture r) have washed a car s) have caught a fish t) have played in the snow u) have worried about a test

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Read the sentences and the questions and tick the correct answer.

Sentence Question Yes May be a) Maria has bought a new purse. Does she still have the purse? b) I made a cup of coffee. Is there coffee now? c) Mark has made a pie. Is there a pie now? d) Gulnaz went to the UK. Is she still there? e) Radmir has gone to Germany. Is he still there? f) Azamat started a business. Is the business still running? g) Olga's started violin lessons. Is she still taking lessons?

Make a review of the movies and performances at the theaters and say which you want to watch. Explain your choice.

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